Pre-Natal Classes and Yoga

During pregnancy women experience significant physiological and anatomical changes. These changes can cause discomfort on their lower back, pelvic area, joints and ligaments. A well designed exercise program can relieve these symptoms.

Some of the benefits of exercising during pregnancy are:

  • Maintains upper, lower and abdominal strength
  • Increased core tone & strength
  • Improved flexibility & muscular endurance
  • Increased feeling of calmness, tranquilly & relaxation
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved sleep cycles

Stay fit during you pregnancy

Our Pre-Natal exercises and Yoga will focus on seated, kneeling and side-laying poses done on your yoga mat. Emphasis will be on gentle stretching, breathing, and relaxation to help you feel great throughout your pregnancy. Class will cater initially to beginners; however more seasoned members will be welcome to move into intermediate or advanced options.

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