Lipo-dissolve is a type of mesotherapy that uses a series of micro-injections of FDA approved medications to dissolve localized fat.

This non-surgical technique was developed by Dr. Michel Pistor in France in 1952. For more than 50 years, this procedure has been used by thousands of physicians world-wide for localized fat reduction and face, neck and hand rejuvenation (micro-needling)

Lipo-dissolve is an affordable alternative to Kybella injection for reduction of localized fat in the upper face “double chin”. Instead of Deoxycholic acid, we use Phosphatidylcholine. Both substances work by destroying fat cells and dissolving excess fat deposits, which are then flushed out from the body by the lymphatic system, kidneys, and gastrointestinal track.

Phosphatidylcholine can be injected to reduce the appearance of fat pads, jowls and double chin. Also, it can be injected to reduce fat deposits on the love-handles, inner thighs and saddle bags.

A total of three treatments, four weeks apart, may be necessary to achieve optimal results. Lipo-dissolve can be combined with micro-needling to improve the laxity of the skin.

For more information call us at 941-749-0741. The number of syringes will depend on the degree of wrinkle and area to be treated.

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