Meet Our Staff

Iris Hernandez, Medical Aesthetician

Born and raised in Tampa Bay, Iris graduated from Florida Career College and obtained certification in Clinical Skin Care. With over six years of experience in the skin care community, Iris is considered an expert in the use of medical-grade chemical peels. Her enthusiasm for beauty began many years ago, and she takes pride in seeing confidence levels improve in patients as a result of an aesthetic treatment. Iris also continues her education at the Dermal Institute of Orlando to remain up-to-date with the aesthetic industry. In her free time, Iris enjoys being with family and friends. Come in the office today to give her a visit and receive a complimentary skin analysis this month.

Natalia Garcia, Registered Dietitian and Health Coach

Natalia, our Registered Dietitian and Health Coach at the Aesthetic & Wellness Center, specializes in motivating our clients to achieve optimal health, fitness, and overall wellbeing. Natalia struggled with her weight while in her teens and developed an enthusiasm and passion for nutrition and overall health that transitioned her into a competitive tennis player and triathlete. Natalia demonstrates what is possible when you are goal oriented and determined.

Having acquired her degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from Florida International University, Natalia subsequently became a Registered Dietitian and Health Coach. Focusing on addressing individual and group needs, Natalia’s work experience includes a decade of working with physicians, behavioral health practitioners, performance teams, and corporations. Natalia has advanced training in many nutritional modalities and continues her education by attending cutting edge nutritional and science-based course training.

Natalia has developed comprehensive nutritional programs and specializes in weight management, eating disorders, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, and sensitivities. She works closely with clients experiencing challenges such as diabetes and pre-diabetes, irritable bowel and inflammatory bowel disease, gastric reflux disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease and metabolic syndrome. Her passion is to utilize the latest research to motivate and educate our clients.

Kathleen Walters, Health and Wellness Weight Loss Counselor

Kathy is a Weight Loss Counselor at The Aesthetic and Wellness Center. Kathy came to us with a lifelong interest and study in the mind/body connection to health and wellness. Having relocated to our sunshine state 3 years ago from New York, she has specialized in working closely with people to help them incorporate changes that achieve their goals in health and vitality.

Kathy celebrates extensive studies and experience in different modalities such as cognitive-behavioral coaching, health and wellness lifestyle coaching, nutrition and nutritional supplementation, and exercise and physicality. She pursued an international certification as a Certified Professional Coach and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology.

Kathy’s passion lies in supporting and motivating others in adopting new behavioral changes in nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle for improved well-being. Kathy works closely with our clients to help develop positive changes and perspectives. Her goal is to help assist our clients in uncovering and modifying any obstacles or barriers and to create a life of overall health and wellness going forward.

Deanna Castro, Personal Trainer B.S., N.A.S.M.

Deanna is a resident of Bradenton who joins The Aesthetic & Wellness Center after personal training and managing the fitness department in a hospital affiliated health club for 18 years. She earned her degree in Exercise Science and Wellness from Ball State University and is certified through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Deanna’s training specialties are weight loss, rehabilitation and sports performance. Over the years she states that her clients regularly find success with her philosophy based on consistency, encouragement, and structure. Deanna says, “Consistency is the key to reaching any goal. She envisions a staircase they climb, building upon each previous accomplishment. It is the momentum needed to keep moving up to the goal!” On a personal note, her hobbies include a love for animals, playing tennis, painting and mosaic crafts, and being outdoors.

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