Let’s Get Moving!

Let’s Get Moving!

Let’s Get Moving!

Hey everyone,

As I mentioned previously, physical activity is anything that gets your body moving. In my last blog article, I discussed tips for a great workout at the gym (Click Here). But what if you’re not ready to step into the gym? Maybe you aren’t even interested in getting a gym membership.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you are overweight or obese, losing weight will improve your overall quality of life.

In my experience as a weight loss counselor, I have helped a vast number of patients lose weight and maintain their weight loss. I have found that overweight individuals may often feel overwhelmed in the beginning stages of an exercise program.

A lot of people simply do not know where to start. Then they either throw themselves in a gym without any knowledge or hire a personal trainer who ends up working them too hard.

In this blog, I will discuss a few tips for beginners aiming to add some physical activity into their lifestyle in order to help with weight loss.

Choose an activity you enjoy doing

This is very important, especially in the long-run. You want to choose an activity you will be able to maintain for years. Find something you are passionate about!

Maybe you have no idea what you might be interested in, so a suggestion is to watch some YouTube videos about a variety of activities and then try out a couple different ones, or you can simply start walking. Don’t worry—you’ll figure it out.

Safety first!

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Again, before throwing yourself in the gym without any knowledge of the equipment you will be using, educate yourself. Some men, in particular, might be tempted to reach for the heavier weights to “show off” at the gym, but this increases the chances of a serious injury. And if you are injured, you will have to rest for a while, forcing you to take time off from the gym for quite some time.

Get an “accounta-buddy”

A workout partner is wonderful for a number of reasons. First, working out with a friend tends to make your workout more enjoyable. Together, you can pick an activity you both can do together and make it fun.

Having a workout partner is great because they make you accountable (hence, “accounta-buddy”). The two of you could set some goals for each other and have a friendly weight loss contest. Most importantly, have fun!

Avoid overtraining

Lastly, don’t overtrain. What this means is that you need to give your body the rest it needs to repair itself after exercise. Exercise involves “exertion,” and too much exertion will lead to exhaustion and burn-out.

An improvement in physical activity should increase your energy throughout the day. If you are feeling fatigued instead, then you are not getting the rest you need. Here, “rest” can mean sleep, quality nutrients for your body, or mental peace. Take a step back and examine your diet and make sure you are getting an average of 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

Whether you plan to exercise for general health benefits, increase your fitness level, or to lose weight, it is important to select types of exercise that you can continue to do, week-in and week-out. Nonetheless, physical activity is anything that gets your body moving.

The health, fitness, and weight loss advantages of exercise all depend on you being physically active regularly and for the long-term. In addition, losing weight will reduce the amount of pressure on your joints, improving your endurance and stamina to continue your exercise routine.

If you continue to struggle with your weight, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 941-749-0741 to start your customized Weight Loss Program with Dr. Mowett today!



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