Sunscreen Vs. Sunblock

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Sunscreen Vs. Sunblock

Sunscreen Vs Sunblock

Summer is approaching and we all know that calls for barbecues, beach outings, and lots of fun in the sun. With that being said it is extremely important to have good sun protection for us and our families.

We all understand the importance of sun protection, but how do we know which products and ingredients are best? Walking through the sunscreen aisles can be a bit overwhelming, we’re faced with dozens of screens and blocks, in a wide variety of SPFs. So which do we select? In this article I will be taking the guesswork out of sun protection, giving some helpful tips for choosing wisely.

First off, let’s discuss the types of sun protection out there.

According to the Melanoma Foundation, there are two types of liquid sun protection, chemical and physical. Each works in a different way to protect your skin. Chemical lotions are known as sunscreens and traditionally use ingredients to absorb and disperse UVB rays, preventing them from penetrating skin. More recently, they also include ingredients to block UVA rays (Read the label to know for sure). Sunscreen can and should be used on a daily basis for regular activity such as your work commute. Sunscreen is lightweight and transparent when it’s applied.

Physical lotions are known as sunblock. These contain minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that physically create a barrier against both the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Sunblock is usually white, thicker and remains visible after you put it on. Sunblock is best used for anyone planning to spend hours in the sun at a time, including playing volleyball, swimming at the pool or just having a barbeque.

Although there are tons of good sun protectors out there, I want to share one that has become my favorite over the years. I highly recommend this product for all ages.

TIZO Mineral Fusion

* TiZO minerals are purified to pharmaceutical-grade and sit invisibly on top of the skin and not absorbed, which dramatically decreasing the possibility of skin irritation.

* TiZO Age Defying Fusion only contains physical or mineral sunscreens because physical (mineral) ingredients are healthier for your skin than chemical sunscreen filters – and, more protective.

* TiZO’s sunscreen filters, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, are rated #1 and #2 for UVA-UVB protection both, of which are extra gentle and natural minerals.
Source: United States EPA

* TiZO sunscreens combines outstanding UV protection with gentleness offered by it mineral-only formulations to avoid sun-accelerated skin aging and damage

TIZO also comes in different formulas to meet your skin’s specific needs, such as, for oily prone or sensitive skin types. So before you hit the beach this summer or just step out doors, get protected and use good quality protection. This investment is one you won’t regret.

TIZO Mineral Fusion sun protection is available for purchase at The Aesthetic & Wellness Center and is 10% off for the month of June.


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