More to Help You with Your Weight Loss Resolution in 2015

More to Help You with Your Weight Loss Resolution in 2015


This is Dr. Mowett from The Aesthetic & Wellness Center.

It has been a month since many of us started our New Year resolutions. Some of us may have decided to lose weight but have not yet obtained the results we were expecting. This commonly occurs by the third or fourth week of January.

There are several reasons why a New Year resolution for weight loss may fail.

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind if you are having difficulty with your weight loss New Year resolution:

Make a plan

A resolution is like a goal. Write down the reasons why you wanted to lose weight. Your goal must be specific and realistic. Having too many resolutions can make you feel overwhelmed. Focus on only one or two resolutions and break each of them into smaller steps. You also need to have some sort of measurement so that you are able to evaluate your accomplishments.

Commit 100% to your goal

Do not start your New Year resolution by using the phrase “I should lose weight” or “I could lose 20 lbs.” Rather, you should say to yourself “I want to lose weight” or specifically “I will lose 20 lbs this year.” When people use the words “should” or “could,” it is like saying “maybe yes or maybe not.” Make a commitment to you so you can stay motivated with your goal.

Review your goals regularly

After writing down your goals, you need to review your progress. Maybe you are not losing as many pounds as you did during the first weeks of January. However, you may be losing inches and feeling more toned with the current fitness program and the healthy food you have been eating. Have your goals in front of you. If needed, make revisions to your goals. Follow through. Remember, weight loss is about fat loss, not muscle mass loss.

Ask for help when needed

Sometimes, to achieve our goals, we need the help and support of family members, friends or coworkers. The New Year is a good time to team up with others to lose weight. Do not struggle alone. It is important to share your resolution with others, and you will obtain greater results. Talk to people in your life about what you are trying to accomplish and see how they can provide moral support. Seek medical treatment if you are unable to do it yourself.

Reward yourself

Once you have reached one of your smaller goals, reward yourself with something exciting. Many people that have been successful in achieving their New Year resolution goal rewarded themselves when they reached smaller goals throughout the year.

If you are in need of a comprehensive weight loss program, we help you lose the weight and more importantly to keep it off. Give our staff at The Aesthetic & Wellness Center a call today at 941-749-0741.

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