Overview & Obesity Facts

Obesity-both in adults and children has become a serious health problem with devastating medical complications.  Medical conditions, such as: Type II Diabetes,

Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Hyperlipidemia and Stroke are among the most common complications associated with Obesity.

If you suffer from being overweight or obese, now is the time to take definitive action.  It is important to work with a physician and staff who have received special training & education in the management of weight loss and the emotional and behavioral aspects associated with obesity.

Dr. Mowett is the first physician in Manatee County to earn a certification in Bariatric Medicine by the American Board of Bariatric Physicians (ABBM) for non-surgical weight loss.  As a Diplomat of this organization, she follows the guidelines for weight reduction, dietary and exercise recommendation, behavior modification and when appropriate, medication.

Am I Overweight?

BMI Weight Status
18.5 or less Underweight
18.5 – 24.9 Normal
25.0 – 29.9 Overweight
30.0 – 34.9 Mild Obese
35.0 – 39.9 Moderate Obese
40.0 and Above Extremely Obese

Dr. Inda Mowett is certified in Bariatric Medicine (non-surgical medical weight loss). She is one of 400 physicians nationwide specialized in this field.

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