Welcome to The Aesthetic & Wellness Center Fitness University!

The Aesthetic and Wellness Center is a Dynamic weight management facility that has been offering both Aesthetics and Wellness services since 2005. It has now strengthened its practice with the introduction of a new Medical Fitness program.

Dr. Inda Mowett is a family physician with more than 25 years of experience and specialized training in medical aesthetic, non-surgical weight loss, natural hormone balancing and preventive medicine. Each patient starts the MedFit program with a functional medical evaluation. This union of both Weight Management and Medical Fitness will service as the ideal complement to Dr Mowett’s belief in overall wellness, beauty and healthy living.

The MedFit Program will work as both an extension and ongoing maintenance program to her already very successful weight management program. Every aspect of our Wellness Center, from the advanced equipment to the variety of weight loss programs to the professionally trained staff, is focused on nurturing the body as a whole, both inside and out. Our physician, personal trainer, weight loss counselors and trained staff are motivated to teach you lifelong skills in exercise and proper nutrition to help you meet your personal fitness and weight loss goals.

Weight loss can not only improve your quality of life, but can also prevent or lower your risk of developing life-threatening diseases. The lifestyle changes we incorporate through wellness and weight management will help you take it off and keep it off. Through the loss of unwanted body fat and the gain of calorie burning lean muscle, you will experience more energy while decreasing your risk of chronic weight related diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and certain types of cancer.

Other health problems associated with obesity include:

• High Blood Pressure
• Sleep Problems
• Poor Libido
• High Cholesterol
• Depression & Low Self-Esteem
• Cancer
• Back & Joint Pain
• Hormonal Imbalance
• Fatigue

Our programs are tailored to meet your needs, abilities, and limitations. Our team will take the time to understand you and the time frame it will take to achieve your goals. By taking a medically scientific approach on understanding where your body’s hormone balance is currently resting, we can design an exercise plan that will maximize your weight loss and wellness goals.

The Medfit personalized program includes:

• One-on-One Attention with our Personal Trainer
• Weekly Motivation and Accountability Check-Ins
• Medical Exercise Parameters used for Chronic Health Conditions
• Target Heart-Rate Zone Training
• Weight Loss Camps and Group Fitness
• Physical Assessment and Body Composition Evaluations
• Dietary Guidance
• Proper Form and Function
• Fitness and Motivation Support System

Here at The Aesthetic and Wellness Center our unique approach to health and wellness provides the supportive environment our clients need to achieve healthier and more balanced lives. And with positive motivation and trusted accountability we will help you reach your full potential.
Our new medical office and fitness studio will open in June 2016. We invite you to come in and check out our facility.

The University is here to educate our clients on Fitness, Nutrition, Psychology, Anatomy, Endocrinology and Physiology to ensure a complete understanding of the lifestyle transformation they are experiencing.

Those in the weight loss program and/or fitness program can
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• Functional Movement Screening
We will meet with each and every patient to assess their overall functional movement and range of motion. With every patient coming into the program at a different level, it is critical to fully understand their fitness level.

• Meal Plans & Recipe Book
Here at the University you will have access to the Rejuv4Life Meal Plan. With that you will be given several weeks of written meal plans to help you follow the three phases of the clean eating program. There are also over 300 recipes in the cook book available for you to download.

• Grocery Store Tour
We believe in educating the patient. Learning to read labels and shop your local grocery store is vital to the patient’s success long term. The food industry is getting trickier and smarter with their marketing and packaging. Understand the difference between marketing and reality.

• Meal Planning 101
Learning to eat balanced meals with heart healthy fats, proteins and carbs, combined with the appropriate meal timing, makes for a much quicker weight loss journey that will leave you healthier, stronger and filled with more energy throughout your day.