Are Gyms Expecting Too Much From Their Personal Training Staff?

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April 1, 2017
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April 10, 2020

Are Gyms Expecting Too Much From Their Personal Training Staff?

9-12% of all gym members use the services of a personal trainer to workout, lose weight, and help with their injuries.  The demands of helping a client with multiple conditions can be difficult.

I have been training for 20 years and I still take time to research client injuries and how to progress them safely.  Conditions such as a recent hip replacement, a torn rotator cuff, arthritis in the knees, and high blood pressure are very common conditions clients have ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  The education needed to safely navigate a client through their various issues is much more than the requirements of most personal training certifications.  This is a huge accident waiting to happen.

As the baby-boomers continue to flood the fitness universe, they bring with them years of wear and tear on their bodies.  This group in my opinion it at the greatest risk.  Roughly 18% of the people that live in the United States belong to a health club.  In the US alone the fitness industry brings in more than 27 billion a year.  The money dramatically outweighs the safety requirements that should come first.

The need for Personal Training will see a 23% increase within the next 10 years which will only further the issue.  It can be difficult to find a trainer with the right education, certification, and the experience to know what works and what does not.  Start with the certification.  Find a trainer certified through Functional Movement Systems, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American Council on Exercise (ACE), or National Strength and Conditional Association (NSCA).  Find a facility that is focused on Medical Fitness Training.  Having the advice and guidance of a licensed Physician is the safest way to progress.

Lastly, fitness is not “one size fits all”.  A proper medical fitness program should be unique to the client and focus on their individuals goals.

– Written by Michael Brigger NASM-CPT

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