Improves the Patient Experience for Skin Injectable Procedures

The Aesthetic & Wellness Center is delighted to be the first in Manatee County to introduce the AccuVein vein visualization system. This small handheld medical device has been approved by the FDA to identify blood vessels which decrease the possibilities of unwanted bruising.

AccuVein can help in cosmetic procedures to:

  • Locate and avoid veins
  • Minimize bruising
  • Reduce healing time by optimizing site selection
  • Improve patient satisfaction

By using vein illumination with AccuVein’s breakthrough device, many veins that might be otherwise undetectable without a vein locator can be located and mapped on the patient’s skin.

AccuVein’s vein visualization technology works by allowing the hemoglobin to absorb infrared light, illuminating the blood vessels from the rest of the surrounding area. When the AccuVein is held above the skin; it allows a clear visibility of veins of different sizes, regardless of the individual’ skin tone. Accuvein is also being used at many hospitals to locate veins during blood draw and while starting an IV.

Our patients love it! This equipment has helped us decreased the amount of bruising and hematomas during treatments with Botox and injectable fillers. We can NOW help you obtain an even better aesthetic outcome.

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