Many of my aesthetic patients have asked me: “WHAT CAN I DO TO EXTEND THE RESULTS OF MY BOTOX AND DERMAL FILLER TREATMENTS? We all love how these treatments make us look refreshed and rejuvenated, however, we know that the aesthetic effects will eventually wear off.

You may have noticed that the results of these anti-aging treatments may last longer on some of your friends and family members and you may be asking yourself: “What is their secret?”

I would like to share with you “10 ways to increase the lasting effect of your Botox & Dermal filler treatment.

  1. SUN PROTECTION: It is well known that chronic sun exposure can cause damage to the skin by increasing free radical damage, reducing cell turnover and dehydrating the skin. Maintain the results of your injectable treatments by applying a high-quality sun block with the right SPF for your skin type. Avoid sun exposure during peak hours, wearing a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses to avoid straining your eyes and frown area caused by the intense sunlight.
  2. 2. INCREASE HYDRATION: Dehydration can accelerate the breakdown of injectable fillers, especially those made from hyaluronic acid. These types of fillers may last longer if we keep ourselves well hydrated by drinking non-caffeinated non-caloric drinks.
  3. HEALTHY EATING: Limit the amount of refined sugars and processed foods. Increased inflammation caused by these foods can accelerate the aging process and decrease the results of the fillers. Focus on nutrient-dense foods such as vegetables and fruits, grass-fed meats, and fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  4. 4. CIGARETTE SMOKING & ALCOHOL INTAKE: Studies have established the serious complications to our health from cigarette smoking and heavy alcohol consumption. Smokers and heavy drinkers tend to have premature aging of the skin and faster breakdown of the dermal fillers; therefore, the results of these treatments are not long lasting.
  5. DAILY SKIN CARE REGIMEN: A daily skin care routine with medical grade skin care products can help extend the results of your treatments. These products contain a higher concentration of the active ingredients, penetrating deeper into the dermis and stimulating the rebuilding of collagen and elastin.
  6. INTENSE EXERCISES: Athletes and avid fitness enthusiasts; may have a shorter lifespan on their Botox and dermal filler treatment. Why is that? It has to do with the tone of their muscles, lower body fat and higher metabolism. Please do not stop exercising or practicing your favorite sports. Make sure you are well hydrated and protect your skin from the damage of UV light.
  7. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY WEIGHT: Rapid weight loss or yo yo dieters can have significant volume loss in their faces and a faster breakdown of the dermal filler. Maintaining a healthy weight will keep the natural position of the fat pads inside the face and the fillers in the areas where it was injected.
  8. REDUCE STRESS LEVEL: Stress can be acute or chronic. Stress releases cortisol (stress hormone), which can have a negative effect in our bodies and accelerate the aging process of the skin and the breakdown of the dermal fillers. Practice yoga, meditation, Thai chi or any other relaxation method that will help reduce your stress level.
  9. ZINC SUPPLEMENTS: A small trial showed that the daily intake of zinc citrate and phytase can boost the effect of Botox. Zinc is thought to be required in order for Botox to prevent muscle contraction and phytase is an enzyme delaying the breakdown of zinc in our bodies. Daily intake of this supplement may increase the results of your Botox treatments.
  10. SCHEDULE YOUR MAINTENANCE TREATMENT: The best way to increase the lasting effect of your Botox and dermal filler is by scheduling regular visits before the full effect of these treatments have worn off.


Remember to have beautiful skin and prolong the results of your aesthetic treatments, you need to practice a healthy lifestyle from the inside out.


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